The Three Types of Hunger

Adam Mansbach said ‘Eating is one the great pleasures of life’. My grandmother takes that one step further with ‘There is no greater pleasure in life than that of eating.’ But how does it all actually work? What makes us want to eat and why does it feel so good?

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An illustration of a human DNA molecule

You Can Change Your Genes

We can’t change the genes our parents gave us, but we can definitely make sure the bad ones are hidden away so they get ignored AND don’t get passed down to our kids.

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Health is about so much more than just your body. A body that’s not well is a sign that you aren’t living your fullest, most wonderful existence. Whether that’s because you are putting toxins in your body or existing to work or giving up on your dreams or living in the pain of past disappointment.  Learn to listen to your body, it’s the gateway to what’s going on in your mind.


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