Hello, I'm Dr. Seema!

Everything starts in the mind. Our wellbeing is, in this moment, the product of all our past thinking. Chronic illnesses aren’t the disease, they’re the symptoms of chronic thinking patterns and chronic emotions that lead to behaviours and attitudes which perpetuate stress on the body, resulting in chronic inflammation, cellular damage and physiological ageing.
Today’s healthcare models apply one dimensional approaches to chronic illness, overlooking the most important tool for recovery – our minds. Long before repeated injury to the body manifests into physical signs and symptoms which are attached to a particular diagnosis, we can take steps to redirect our bodies to a healthier course regardless of our medical histories or our genetic inheritance.
While it may be quicker and easier to fill a prescription, addressing your thinking, beliefs, behaviours and habits can help to treat the root cause of illness and your life can improve in every area beyond what you previously thought imaginable.

“Health is a state of BODY. 

Wellness is a state of BEING.”​

– J Stanford

My story

I’ve been a doctor for nearly twenty years and I’m passionate about mind body medicine, treating the root causes of diseases, not just the symptoms. I am the Senior Medical Officer of an Aboriginal Medical Service in remote Western Australia where I specialise in holistic chronic illness care. I was honoured to be a Finalist for the 2021 Rural Health West Excellence Award for Clinical Leadership as well as a Finalist for the 2020 General Practitioner of the Year Award.

I always wanted three kids. But when I was 36 I was diagnosed with primary infertility due to severe endometriosis. I didn’t even know until that point that I had a chronic illness. After a single cycle of IVF, three embryos were created and now I have a daughter and twin sons. People say I am very lucky. It’s much more than luck. I believe this was possible for me because I worked every day on my mindset, creating thoughts and feelings that would help me realise my desire. 

My experience has inspired me to share what I know about how to overcome health challenges and help as many women as I can to recover from chronic illness and fertility problems.